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Finding perfect matches – How to determine the correct ring size

An imporant step during the buying process of your wedding rings is a visit to the jeweller to determine the correct ring size. After all, the rings should be the perfect match – not only in terms of style, but also size-wise! It would be a pity if your wedding rings are not properly fitted when they arrive. If the ring is too big, you run the risk of losing it, and if it’s too small, you won’t even be able to put it on.

We recommend measuring the ring size multiple times as it is influenced by many different factors. Your own biorhythm, cold or warm weather conditions, your individual daily shape, physical activities etc. can influence your ring size, even if you do not explicitly notice these changes.

Please also take the ring profile into consideradtion. When buying your rings, you are presented with a large variety of different profiles. There are angular, flat, round, curved and many more profiles.

Depending on the ring profile, the same size might feels different to wear. For example, rings with a flat ring profile sit a little tighter around the finger, as the entire surface of the ring rests on it. At Fischer Trauringe, most of the ring profiles are gently curved on the inside. The curvature noticeably increases the wearing comfort.

Another factor infleuncing the size ist he width of the ring. Depending on how wide or narrow your ring is, the easier or harder it is to put on. But not only the comfort when putting the ring on matters, the feeling when wearing the ring also changes significantly depending on the size.

The jeweller usually has a width set available which allows you to try on different ring profiles, sizes and widths. The jeweller will also be able to give you the best advice directly at the store.

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