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Complaints Procedure

J. Fischer & Sohn KG has set up a complaints procedure to give external parties (whether individuals or interest groups) the opportunity to report complaints, concerns or grievances in connection with the supply chains of J. Fischer & Sohn KG.

These complaints may relate to violations in connection with the procurement of raw materials. Other examples of possible violations include disregard for human rights, poor working conditions, breaches of environmental regulations and payments of bribes or kickbacks.

Sebastian Fischer, Member of the Management Board of J. Fischer & Sohn KG, is responsible for implementing and reviewing this procedure.

Anonymised reporting

Interested parties can email their concerns to the following address:

Complaints will be accepted anonymously. Fische guarantees to take every complaint seriously and to process it promptly. In addition, Fische guarantees the source that it will maintain confidentiality and treat the complaint confidentially and sensitively (unless disclosure is required by law).

Handling process

Once a complaint has been received, the procedure is as follows:

  • A detailed report on the complaint is drawn up
  • The complaints procedure is explained to the person who submitted the complaint. Expectations of the procedure are also queried.
  • A person with the necessary expertise is appointed within the company so that the complaint can be forwarded to an appropriate body, e.g. the supplier or an institution.
  • If the complaint can be dealt with internally, as much further information as possible (possibly including evidence) is obtained.
  • All measures are determined and monitored accordingly.
  • After a thorough examination of the facts, the person who submitted the complaint is informed of all decisions and results.
  • The complaint and related documentation will be archived for at least five years. 


Fischer undertakes to investigate and deal with any incident or complaint in a timely manner and, where further investigation is required, to find an appropriate solution. Furthermore, Fischer will not take any action whatsoever against any person who submits a complaint to Fischer in good faith.