Diamond Rings

With theses sparkling beauties there is no loophole: The answer to the question of all questions is a happy „Yes!“


Engagement Rings

According to studies, more and more men are surprising their chosen one with a sparkling engagement ring when asking the all important question. We offer different types of engagement rings for this purpose. The most common solitaire setting is the chaton setting, consisting of four or six beautifully rounded prongs that emerge from the ring band. This makes the brilliant-cut diamonds seem to almost float in the setting. In the version with six prongs, the proposal rings appear as if the diamond is held in place by a little crown. In addition to the classic prong setting, we also offer round bezel settings (see model 39-02010-020).



This trend comes from the US and is also becoming more and more popular in Germany. This is because until a few years ago a tradition for an engagement ring in Germany hardly existed. The idea of presenting rings with the engagement has been particularly strengthened by Hollywood and can now also be observed in Germany.  A triset takes this into account. Here, after the wedding the engagement ring also stays on the finger and forms a unit together with the later wedding ring. The rings of a triset are available in different versions and different materials. Together with diamonds this creates an impressive combination which is extremely lasting in value and also corresponds to the latest trends and requirements for weddings.

Memoire Rings

The memoire diamond rings are something really special. They are an individually lived memory. With small diamonds you  can successively immortalise your memories symbolically on your finger. This can be for a wedding day, birth of a child or for an exceptionally beautiful life experience and with every glance at the ring you can once again relive the memory of these beautiful moments. And your memoire diamond ring can therefore grow in parallel to your experiences. Our specialists expertly set these respective memories in your memoire diamond ring. Quickly and precisely.

How does the gradual gifting work?

Of course, a memoire ring can remain as it is for a lifetime. If you want it to “grow” in parallel with what you have experienced, simply tell your Fischer jeweller where to insert which type of diamond. He will hand over the chosen diamonds to you after you have placed your order with Fischer, so that you can present it effectively and “give it away”. The jeweller then sends the ring and the diamond to us, so that our Fischer goldsmiths and setters can perform their precise work. After just a few days, the memoire ring is returned to you. With increased value, freshly polished and full of old and new memories.