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Diamond Rings yellow-gold

Let yourself be inspired by these perfectly shaped and splendid jewellery pieces. Diamond rings in yellow gold 585 are especially fascinating. This is because pure fine gold is less suited to the production of jewellery as it is a very soft metal. Yellow gold, closest in colour to gold, has a greater hardness but nevertheless possesses the elegance of fine gold. Diamond rings in yellow gold 585 are therefore almost unsurpassable when it comes to their shine and beauty.

Material combination

Material combination



Yellow Gold 585 Engagement Rings: The Epitome of Radiance and Elegance

Pure gold is generally unsuitable for crafting jewellery due to its softness. That’s why it’s alloyed with other metals to create more durable and visually appealing options, such as the enchanting Apricotgold. Yellow gold, however, is an alloy that closely resembles the original hue of pure gold. By adding metals like silver and copper, a workable alloy is formed that retains the quintessential golden sheen. This makes 585 yellow gold engagement rings perhaps the most striking ring combination available. The brilliance of the gold amalgamates with the sparkle of diamonds to create an extraordinarily expressive piece of jewellery.

585 Yellow Gold Engagement Rings: A Time-Honoured Tradition

The tradition of engagement rings dates back to antiquity. In those times, the ring was worn by the future bride as a symbol of receiving her dowry. Today, a 585 yellow gold engagement ring serves as a romantic emblem of the forthcoming marital union. It encapsulates devotion and commitment to your beloved future spouse. And what better piece of jewellery to symbolise everlasting love?

The ring, being circular, has neither a beginning nor an end, making it a universal symbol of infinite love, fidelity, and perfection. Ancient beliefs even suggest that the ring finger has a direct connection to the heart. This is why the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand, the side closest to the heart, continues to this day.

So, uphold this age-old tradition by choosing a 585 yellow gold engagement ring for your better half.

Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold 585: A Ring of Special Value

Did you know that the tradition of the engagement ring as a promise for marriage was taken so seriously in the Middle Ages that women were sometimes forbidden from wearing rings just for fun? Hard to imagine. Yet then, as now, the engagement ring is a firm part of the marriage proposal and announces an upcoming wedding. In Germany, in most cases, only the woman wears an engagement ring, which the man usually selects and buys before proposing. The choice of material and the size of the diamond play a significant role.

While in other countries the value and choice of the ring depend on the income of the giver, in Germany, the focus is more on whether the recipient likes the ring. Here, particular emphasis is placed on meaning and individuality. Engagement rings made of 585 yellow gold come closest to fine gold in their colour. Gold symbolically stands for the best and, due to its “sunshine lustre,” has been the metal of gods, emperors, and royal houses since ancient times. No wonder those recipients feel highly valued with a 585 yellow gold engagement ring.

Engagement Ring in 585 Yellow Gold: Highlight the Uniqueness of Your Relationship

Yellow gold symbolises the most premium material, favoured by gods and emperors alike. Paired with a sparkling diamond, our 585 yellow gold engagement rings will leave your better half speechless. Whether you envision a classic or unique engagement ring, our workshop crafts rings that meet every expectation.

Be it a classic solitaire or an extraordinary Triset engagement ring, we’ll find the 585 yellow gold engagement ring your heart desires. What’s special about our Triset engagement rings is that they can be worn as a stacking ring after the wedding. This way, your 585 yellow gold engagement ring will accompany you through your marriage, just like your wedding ring. At Fischer Trauringe, we make dreams come true.