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The wedding ring is the symbol of the promise of marriage – of eternal, unconditional love. This gives it an emotional, symbolic power.

Buying a wedding ring is a special milestone for couples preparing for their wedding. Let us make it unforgettable together. Fischer’s wedding rings are handcrafted masterpieces that will stand the test of time. Rounded off with your expertise, the result is a buying experience that marks the beginning of a story full of love and trust.

Let us write brilliant success stories together!

For Fischer, partnership is much more than the mere provision of products. The products are the core of our work, where skilled craftsmanship creates highest quality. But the Fischer partner philosophy goes far beyond that: discover our variety of supporting services with which we holistically complement the partnership with jewellers.

Dive into the world of Fischer

“At Fischer, we firmly believe in the power of a partnership at eye level. Together we are more than the sum of our parts, which is why it is our ambition to inspire our customers with unique wedding rings and incomparable experiences. Dive into the world of Fischer and discover the diverse offerings just waiting to make your wedding ring business a guarantee of success.”

Wolfgang Fischer

Wolfgang Fischer

About us

Since 1919, the family-owned company Fischer & Sohn has been operating in Pforzheim and has left its mark on the city of gold with a rich tradition. But for us, tradition is not just a word – it gains meaning through the dynamic spirit of innovation and the uncompromising quality philosophy that have accompanied Fischer since its founding.

Ever since the company was founded, Fischer has remained true to its location in Pforzheim, and to this day all of its products are 100% “Made In Germany”.

The wide range includes rings for the special moments in life. From classic wedding rings to rings made of unusual materials such as carbon or ceramic, Fischer offers a diverse selection that underlines the uniqueness of your customers. Thus, with Fischer as a partner, a broad customer group can be served.

Fischer lives and breathes creativity and has been considered a design pioneer in the industry for decades. With an inexhaustible love of detail, new wedding ring creations are constantly being created through the bold combination of materials and design elements.

Our passion for excellent wedding rings and drive for constant improvement are ready to make your wedding ring business a sure success.

My brother and I grew up in the world of wedding rings. This craftsmanship is and remains fascinating. We have experienced many times how inspiring technical innovations can be. Many of our surfaces and design options are only possible with high-precision equipment. But also digitalisation opened up completely new opportunities for us: Tools like the Konfischerator redefined the wedding ring industry and have become an integral part of today's world.


As a family business, Fischer carries cross-generational thinking in its DNA. Sustainability therefore plays a central role in all activities. For manufacturing, 100% precious metals of recycled origin are used to minimise the environmental impact. In addition, Fischer only uses electricity from renewable sources, the majority of which is generated by its own photovoltaic system.

Tradition and innovation

Fischer Trauringe combines tradition and innovation to perfection. We proudly preserve traditional craftsmanship where it is irreplaceable and complement it with modern technologies and machinery. This is how unique rings are created that combine the beauty of the past with the possibilities of the future. Traditional skills and innovative technology - a symbiosis that makes wedding rings from Fischer incomparable.


Perfection, durability and quality are Fischer's key focus, because our wedding rings will be with you for a lifetime. Fischer works exclusively with high-quality materials, but not only the material, but also the processing is decisive. That is why every employee at Fischer is a trained expert in his or her field. Loving craftsmanship and care down to the smallest detail go into every single ring.

Our services at a glance

With the versatile selection of rings and also some pieces of jewellery, Fischer covers every taste from simple to extraordinary.

The Fischer premium collection, which currently consists of approximately 400 products, is subdivided into 7 different collections. By clicking on the individual collection names, you will be taken directly to the respective products.

Classics: Simple rings that are captivating despite their reduced design.

Design: This collection is characterised by structured surfaces and striking design elements.

Flora: Rings from the Flora collection are adorned with floral and tendril patterns.

Carbon: The FischerCarbon® product line is a signature collection for Fischer. Unique designs are created by combining the high-tech material with different precious metals.

Diamond rings: Whether as a jewellery ring or engagement ring, the solitaires and memoires from Fischer make eyes sparkle.

Elise: Colourful rings, pendants and earrings with ceramic inlays transport us to the Belle Epoque.

Special editions: Particularly creative works find their home in the special editions.

In addition to the premium collection, Fischer offers you a comprehensive presentation collection consisting of different dummy systems.

These optimally complement the wedding ring consultation and enable you to offer your customers a demonstrative selection at a low budget.

The Fischer presentation assortments contain plain rings as well as special designs and models that are designed for further customising with the configurator.

Do you want to generate your wedding ring sales digitally?

Hardly any trend has shaped the wedding ring industry in recent years as much as the desire of bridal couples to individualise their rings. With the Konfischerator, Fischer provides you with a modern consultation tool with which you can offer these couples a modern and contemporary digital consultation.

As a partner, you can configure the rings in the Konfischerator together with the bridal couple and then order them directly online from Fischer.

Various design elements and special materials such as FischerCarbon are available for the optimal implementation of customer wishes.

Together with you as jeweller partners, Fischer can also realise special custom-made designs.

Our experienced goldsmiths bring special ideas to life and implement the wishes of the bridal couple. It is only thanks to years of experience and manufacturing in Germany that we are able to offer this special service.

All Fischer systems have been developed with one goal in mind: To make wedding ring sales as easy as possible for you as a jeweller.

Thanks to the Fischer online price information, you not only have access to the daily updated prices of all products at any time, but you can also order them directly online.

The Fischer marketing department is available to you as a supporting partner for collaborative advertising measures.

Ranging from the creation of advertisements, individual flyers or design of the POS to online campaigns – we offer you tailor-made support for your success with measures that directly reach the heart of your customers.

Through the Fischer website and social media, Fischer also addresses end customers directly and refers them to the local retailers.

Your sales representative is your personal contact who will provide you with comprehensive support.

Their expertise is available to you right from the selection of products, so that your collection is ideally suited to your needs and your customers. In addition, they will also provide support in the presentation of the goods and advise you on all the services you can receive from Fischer.

Knowledge as the essence of success – Fischer is available to you as a partner here as well.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of training options to give you the expertise and skills you need to take your wedding ring business with Fischer to a new level.

With tailor-made introductory training courses on site, the Fischer Online Academy and the long-established wedding ring seminars, Fischer is happy to support you.

Dive into the world of Fischer

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