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Stud Earring

Classic earrings with studs are always in vogue. This is because irrespective of the material used with these high class stud earrings you will strengthen the impression of a perfectly shaped look. Regardless of whether you opt for a rather cool or warm gold colour or a sparkling jewellery stone, with a pair of stud earrings you will considerably enhance your appearance. Thanks to our extensive selection, with us every woman will find stunning earrings for everyday use or for a special event which can be used to improve any outfit. Let yourself be inspired!

Stud Earring

Generally speaking, earrings with studs count as an especially reserved form of ear jewellery. But this does not have to mean they are boring or not representative enough. Fischer stud earrings are included in the breathtaking Elise collection and are folding creole earrings which are offered in apricot gold and white gold. As a filling, these also contain a fascinating ceramic-based composite material which depending on the model creates an elegant white colour or an enchanting, lightly shimmering mother-of-pearl effect. This makes each of our stud earrings a small work of art which has been perfectly shaped with a high degree of craftsmanship and special attention to detail. The coloured ceramic material is manually placed in skilfully laser-cut reliefs and then cured using UV light. In this process the colours remain true and a fading or subsequent darkening of the colours is practically ruled out.

Gold 750 Earrings: The Quintessence of Timeless Elegance

A classic gold stud earring is undoubtedly an evergreen staple. With our premium Gold 750 earrings or 585 gold variants, you effortlessly add a touch of individual charm to any earlobe. Whether you’re inclined towards cool shades or warm gold tones, both studs and hoop earrings in Gold 750 or 585 are indispensable in any tasteful jewellery collection. Accentuate your style further with one or more sparkling gemstones.

Elevate your aura in the most tasteful manner with a pair of Gold 750 stud earrings. Thanks to our extensive range, every woman will find stunning Gold 585 earrings or Gold 750 hoops perfect for daily wear or the next special event. Get inspired now at Fischer Trauringe.

Gold 750 Earrings: A Subtle Yet Elegant Statement Piece

Stud earrings made from 18k gold, or other gold variations, are universally recognised as an especially refined form of ear jewellery. However, this doesn’t mean that Gold 750 earrings are dull or lack presence. The premium jewellery from Fischer originates from the stunning Elise collection and comprises hinged hoop earrings, made from various gold alloys like apricot gold or white gold. These hoops feature a captivating ceramic-based composite material as their filling, which takes on a luxurious white colour or produces a mesmerising, softly shimmering mother-of-pearl effect, depending on the model.

The colourful ceramic material is manually applied into the intricately laser-engraved indentations and subsequently cured under UV light. This process ensures the complete colour fastness of the Gold 750 earrings, practically eliminating any fading or darkening of the colours. Whether it’s stud earrings in 18k gold or other designs, each of our earrings becomes a small masterpiece, crafted with high artisanal skill and exceptional care.

Gold 750 Stud Earrings: Perfectly combinable

Gold 750 stud earrings or even gold 585 hoops are the ideal accompaniments to other elegant pieces from our collection. A ring, for instance, serves as the perfect complement to our 18k gold 750 stud earrings or other earring models. Carefully matched in material, this combination offers a captivating array of jewellery accessories without appearing too ostentatious. For every pair of gold 750 stud earrings, you’ll undoubtedly find a matching ring in our online selection to suit your taste.

If you’re looking for an alternative to complement your gold 750 stud earrings, pendants make an excellent choice. Instantly eye-catching, they complete your jewellery ensemble alongside your gold 750 stud earrings in a charming manner. Regardless of the jewellery set you opt for, choosing a combination of gold 750 stud earrings and other pieces from our collection ensures you’re investing in meticulously crafted creations of the highest quality!