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The "traces of life" of your ring

In the best case, your Fischer ring will accompany you for a lifetime. This close relationship is also reflected in the piece of jewellery. A ring that always looks “new” has not spent most of its time on your finger, but in a hidden casket.

Allow your ring to collect “traces of life” and do not remove them immediately. Real damage is a different matter. In such a case, it is best to contact the Fischer jeweller from which you purchased your rings. They will be able to help you in an uncomplicated manner and, if necessary, will send your ring to us for repair or reconditioning.

You should never clean your rings with corrosive liquids. Water and soap are sufficient.

Fischer wedding rings are extremely robust. Hard shocks, carrying heavy loads or wearing several rings at a time – none of this will do your piece of jewellery any good, however. Please treat it with care. You may notice this natural process: Wedding rings with a matt surface tend to become a little shinier and, conversely, shiny wedding rings tend to become a little more matt over the course of time.