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Our contribution to sustainability

Sustainability and environmental protection are among Fischer’s core values, which are in fact lived and not just written down on paper. Fischer Trauringe sees the sustainable use of resources as a core task.

First and foremost, this means protecting the environment by using raw materials responsibly. Every wedding ring is manufactured at the factory in Pforzheim, where all stages of production are carried out. In all business areas, the focus is on material efficiency, both in consumption and in procurement.

Precious metals

A wedding ring is not a disposable item! Ideally, you wear it on your finger for the rest of your life. This makes the wedding ring one of the most sustainable products around. All precious metals used by Fischer are sourced locally and made from guaranteed recycled material.

Although “fair” gold is increasingly becoming the focus of attention among end customers, it also has to be transported over long distances from mines in North and South America to local manufacturing plants. This still has an enormously negative impact on the environment. Instead, Fischer relies entirely on recycled gold. No additional land is occupied, as no mining takes place. In addition, the value creation of the recycling process takes place locally and provides jobs and tax revenue in the region. There is no fairer solution than recycled gold!

Fischer not only uses recycled gold for the wedding rings, but also recycled platinum and palladium.


In addition to paying attention to the origin of precious metals, Fischer also ensures that diamonds are sourced responsibly. Only diamonds that have been mined according to the criteria defined in the Kimberley Process are used. This ensures that mining takes place under fair and controlled conditions.

C0₂-Neutrality and sustainable production

Fischer aims to achieve CO₂-neutrality. Thanks to considerable investment in modern photovoltaic systems, almost 80% of the electricity used is generated in-house.

This means that Fischer uses one of the most environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity. The avoidance of air pollutants is a major advantage, which reduces the greenhouse effect, as well as the acidification of soil and water. Required electricity, which cannot be self-generated, is supplied by a selected provider of renewable energies.

Throughout the production process, Fischer ensures that resources are used sustainably and efficiently. Each day, efforts are made to harness synergies and make processes more efficient. Equipment and machines are energy-optimised and always use the latest technology. For several years now, Fischer has only used energy-optimised light sources throughout the company. LED lighting is also available at special workstations such as microscopes, goldsmith’s boards etc.

Strict compliance with environmental regulations is another essential objective. By running a small electroplating plant, waste products such as sewage are checked on a daily basis. Fischer ensures that the various types of waste water and liquids are separated with the aim of re-processing and recirculating the used water back into the cycle.

Independent auditors regularly monitor compliance with the legal requirements. Professional recycling is a core issue at Fischer. It goes without saying that all types of waste, for example metal waste, are collected. These are fed back into the cycle by being re-melted at our own smelter.