FAQ Fischer Trauringe


Can I order my wedding rings directly from Fischer?

No. Our rings can be viewed and purchased at selected Fischer jewellery partners. You can find a Fischer jewellery partner near with our store locator.

Where can I find a Fischer jewellery partner near me?

You can find Fischer jewellery partners here. Use the proximity function to find the nearest jeweller who will be able to provide you with advice regarding the selection of your Fischer wedding rings.

Does Fischer sell its products directly in Pforzheim?

No. Our rings can be viewed and purchased at selected Fischer jewellery partners. You can find a Fischer jewellery partner near you with our store locator.

Why are no prices listed on the website?

It is always very difficult to quote an all-inclusive price for wedding rings. The price depends on the following variables: Ring size, alloy, colour, quality of the diamonds and, last but not least, the daily prices of the precious metals. As these prices change on a daily basis, we have decided not to quote prices on our website.

However, there are several other ways to find out the prices of our wedding rings.

First and foremost, a Fischer jeweller near you will be happy to advise you on prices.

The rings we present on social media either have prices in the comments, or you can send us a price enquiry for individual models, which we will answer quickly.

In our wedding ring configurator - the Konfischerator - you can design your dream rings by yourself and immediately see the price in each configuration step.


Are the depicted rings also available in other colours/alloys?

Yes, the models shown are only examples. In the description of each item, there is an indication of the colours and alloys in which the model is offered.

Can carbon rings be altered in width?

Carbon rings cannot be stretched and thus made larger. But a width swap is a common procedure in the wedding ring industry, which is handled by the jeweller from which the wedding ring was purchased. This is exactly the same procedure for a diamond ring as it is for a carbon ring.

In case you actually need a different size, we offer a width swap for a small surcharge. Your Fischer jeweller will be happy to advise you on this.

Does Fischer also comply with special requests - can customised pieces also be made?

Definitely yes! The best example for this is our carbon mountain ring. This unique piece was designed by a bride and groom themselves and has served as inspiration for many other unique carbon mountain rings ever since.

How long prior to the wedding should I order my Fischer wedding rings from the jeweller?

Fischer recommends to order the wedding rings at the jeweller’s at least 3 months in advance of the wedding. Our  tip: Ask the jeweller to measure the ring width at different times of the day, as fingers for instance are thinner in the morning than in the evening.

Does Fischer offer special wedding rings for same-sex couples?

No and yes, we do not have special wedding rings for this. However, as our wedding rings are available in numerous variations, it is of course possible to choose, for example, two wedding rings with diamonds or two wedding rings without diamonds. Just as the couple desires.