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No one ever googles for “ordinary wedding rings”. After all, there is nothing more individual than the symbol for the eternal bond of two persons. That’s why it’s no surprise that the most frequently searched terms are: special wedding rings, extraordinary wedding rings or fancy wedding rings. Perhaps that’s how you found your way to Fischer. Welcome! That’s the right place for you. You will find a fine assorted diversity. In no case only quantity, but quality in numerous variations.


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100% made in Germany

“Made in Germany” is synonymous with quality and stability. There is also a special quality that the wedding rings of the nine German manufactures stand out for: best workmanship, highest precision and an attractive design. Wedding rings 100% made in Germany derive from the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production technologies in Germany.

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Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands by Fischer are as Unique as Your Love

Fischer Trauringe offers exquisite pieces for life’s special moments. When you decide to enter into the bond of marriage, you naturally want to seal this unique event with beautiful wedding rings. A wedding band is the visible symbol of your love, reminding you every day anew of the unique moment of your marriage. For this reason, many couples find it difficult to decide on an alloy or a style. After all, you wear the wedding ring on your ring finger for a lifetime, and you want to continue to enjoy it even after many years.

Fischer offers an almost limitless selection of beautiful wedding rings and wedding bands that meet the highest standards. From timeless classics to modern design rings to extraordinary models – every preference is satisfied. Many couples opt for classic wedding rings made of white gold or yellow gold. These wedding bands are timeless and elegant and can be easily combined with other pieces of jewelry. But more and more couples are looking for that special something. With its in-house alloy apricot gold, the creative minds of Fischer have landed a perfect hit. The warm tone matches every complexion and flatters its wearer.

Sparkling diamonds of the highest quality give the rings their final touch. Even in combination with extraordinary materials, such as deep black carbon, beautiful individual pieces are created. Our “Flora” collection will surely make the hearts of romantics among you beat faster. These rings captivate with their floral pattern and can be worn according to the Outside/In principle. In other words: The woman wears the floral pattern visibly to the outside, while the floral pattern on the man’s ring is on the inside and invisible to outsiders. Thus, the rings appear completely different at first glance but still form a unity. As you can see, Fischer’s wedding band assortment leaves nothing to be desired. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for in our collection, you can design your very own wedding rings with the help of the Fischer Trauringe configurator, the “Konfischerator”. A tool that invites you to be creative and become the designer of your own dream wedding bands.

Individual Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands for Individual Demands

Fischer Trauringe not only stands for beautiful wedding bands. Other exquisite pieces, such as engagement rings, hoop earrings, jewelry rings, or pendants, complete the Fischer product line. These treasures impress with exceptionally high quality and are also 100% made in Germany, in the “Golden City” of Pforzheim. Our experienced goldsmiths create true works of art in the Fischer manufactory. With great attention to detail, special individual pieces for the highest demands are created.

With a wedding ring, wedding band, or engagement ring from Fischer, you receive a visible symbol of your love that will accompany you for a lifetime and underline life’s special moments. Our Memoire diamond rings, for example, initially have only one sparkling diamond. With every special life event, such as the birth of a child or a wedding anniversary, a new stone is added, so that over the years a ring full of beautiful memories is created, which is also gladly passed on through generations.

Fischer Trauringe’s range is so diverse that everyone can find the perfect keepsake. Whether classic, modern, or extraordinary, we offer the right ring for every taste. In addition to different alloys, such as white gold, red gold, or apricot gold, we also create jewelry pieces from special materials, such as carbon or platinum. Wedding bands also receive a special touch through different surface textures. Or through the combination of different materials and alloys, such as deep black carbon in combination with warm apricot gold – a particularly elegant and noble ensemble that has already convinced many married couples. Fischer Trauringe offers the perfect wedding bands for every taste and every demand, made exclusively by experienced goldsmiths in Germany. Fischer Trauringe will bring you joy for a lifetime and remind you day by day of the beautiful events associated with the beautiful ring. Wedding rings by Fischer are a radiant symbol of your marriage and emphasize the uniqueness of your love.