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Fine Pavé settings

Slim wedding rings are once again in vogue. But slim wedding rings restrict the number of diamonds which can be set. Fischer has reacted to this development – as usual in a flexible way – and has reduced the size of the diamonds which are set to also create an enchanting array of sparkling diamonds with many stones on slim wedding rings.

Whereas until relatively recently the smallest diamond size set was 1.3 mm, Fischer now even sets diamonds with a diameter of 1 mm. The trend is towards a fine Pavé setting to bring across the delicate and charming details of the diamonds set in wedding rings with a slim design.

The diamonds in six of the thirteen new models are set in a wave design, partly arranged together and are reminiscent of a star formation or a natural organic pattern. The apparent chaotic arrangement of the diamonds indeed leads to a fascinating harmony and reveals new dimensions which represent a novum for Fischer. The Fischer designers were especially creative with these models and combined two different types of stone setting, the rub-over setting and the Pavé setting.

The pair of rings named ‘Freudentaumel’ (joy) with 9 diamonds (tcw 0.036 ct G/Si) sparkles with its width of 7 mm and elegantly reserved design. The rings have a rubbed matt surface. The Fischer goldsmiths create the surface in the traditional way using a special matting brush.

The name of the ‘Enthusiasmus’ (enthusiasm) wedding ring model in 950/- platinum is reflected  by the curved line of diamonds symbolising the ups and downs of marriage. In the ring, just as in real life, the positive is dominant. A total of 18 diamonds (tcw 0.072 ct G/Si) set on the cross-matt surface are a wonderful arrangement.

Like skipping, dancing points, the 12 diamonds (tcw 0.048 ct G/Si) in the model ‘Euphorie’ (euphoria) win the hearts of the wedding couple with their positive radiance. The sunny apricot gold contributes to the effect. The polished surface complements the sparkling of the diamonds in a beautiful way.

For the other models, the wedding ring designers used a so-called thread cut which perfectly exploits the relative sizes of the various stones. The design is emphasised by a dynamic flow tapering at the end to enhance the set stones.

The model ‘Mondlicht’ (moonlight) plays with the contrast between two areas, one with a polished surface and one with the bark surface. The ladies ring is decorated with six diamonds (tcw 0.052 ct G/Si) providing a clear structure, yet somehow with a mystical effect.

The varied light penetration of the bark surface made by hand with the model ‘Morgensonne’ (morning sun) particularly highlights the individual facets of the apricot gold. The diamonds fit perfectly in the existing structure and sparkle brightly (tcw 0.052 ct G/Si).

The ‘Wohlgefühl‘ (well-being) ring radiates with its pleasant red gold. Five bright diamonds (tcw 0.035 ct G/Si) set in an elegant ellipse complete the warm, refined look. The line on the side with the same flow emphasises the perfection of the line of diamonds in a discreet but expressive manner.