Special Editions

Exclusive special editions: Jewellery rings that combine courage and elegance

Innovation, creativity and craftsmanship come to life in every product made by Fischer. This is how unique rings are created that reflect the individuality of their wearers. The Fischer special editions show that beauty is versatile. Whether in delicate shades or boldly colourful – the jewellery pieces underline the beauty of the wearers with their unique elegance.

Browse through the different special editions and discover the meaningful stories behind the products. Your journey to an unforgettable piece of jewellery begins here.

Wagara, the first traditional fabric patterns, were made in early Japan during the Heian period (794-1185). They were used to decorate kimonos and other everyday objects.

The special edition Wagara by Fischer celebrates the cultural depth of Japan and reminds us that spirituality and aesthetics are inseparable.

We invite you to discover the meaning and beauty of Japanese motifs with “Wagara”. Welcome to the world of traditional Japanese patterns, where the treasures of Japanese culture come alive.

“Talent shows itself in the design, art in the execution”. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach). Following this motto, Fischer presents the new special edition Pittoresque with beautifully coloured models. The origin of the French “pittoresque” comes from the Latin word for painting, “pingere”. In its meaning, the word pittoresque hits the special edition right at its core: picturesque, aesthetically beautiful, effective in its radiance.

Colours of the highest brilliance and designs full of fantasy are also the focus of the Pittoresque special edition. Anyone who thinks that the combination of colours is based on fashion aspects is mistaken. In fact, jewellery rings with their very own character have been created through associations with famous painters and their works of art and with the help of colour psychology.