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Jewellery ring from the “Elise” collection – Special edition “Pittoresque”

The word Senecio originates from the Latin “senex” and means “old” or “old man”. Paul Klee, a skilled artist of European modernism, created this painting depicting an old man in 1922. Distinctive in Klee’s work are the geometric forms, which appear abstract but nevertheless clearly show a face.

Fischer adopts Klee’s warm colour palette in this delicate “Senecio” ring. Warmth, security and also transience and infinity are conveyed by the radiant apricot gold, the gentle soft orange, the warm fire red and by the softly shimmering lotus pink.

The highlight on the ladies’ ring is a small, sparkling diamond.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- apricot gold with ceramic intarsia in fire red, soft orange and lotus pink

Ring width 7 mm

1 sparkling diamond 0,02 ct.

Diamond quality G/si

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