Sometimes it is the simple, reduced designs that inspire us. Simple, but never boring – is what the wedding rings in this collection are all about.


Wedding rings are timeless beauties

Sometimes it is the simple, reduced designs that inspire the bridal couples. Fischer is convinced: Classic wedding ring models have always been bought and will remain so in the future. Wedding rings should usually be timeless and accompany the wearer for many years. That is why many bridal couples choose rather plain rings. Fischer’s “Classics” collection shows that simple can be anything but boring.


The range of classic wedding rings has been further expanded to include numerous appealing models. The models in this collection are not only classic and simple, but also have this special something that should characterise a wedding ring. The wedding rings have an discreet but stylish effect and look particularly beautiful in the classic colours of white, apricot gold or platinum.


Design your own diamond ring!

Sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds of exquisite quality make your ring a special piece of jewellery. Diamonds of different sizes and qualities can be set into the classic profile rings shown.

Ask a Fischer jeweller near you for advice on quality, cut, size and feasibility of your dream ring. The result will be stunning!

A diamond takes millions of years to form. Since the beginning of time, people have been magically attracted by the brilliance of diamonds. The “king of all gemstones” owes its popularity to the values that are directly associated with it: Rarity, history and love – a true natural wonder.