The “Flora” collection awakens a particularly romantic feeling in us. It reminds us of being part of nature. This is where we feel the essence of life and wonderfully at home.

The Outside-In-concept

You can choose whether the floral design should be on the outside or the inside of your ring.

Most women like to wear the flora design visible on the outside, men prefer it more discreetly on the inside of the ring. Nevertheless, both rings belong inseparably together.

Just like the lovers who wear them.


Floral wedding rings

Following the great success of the “Rosenring”, Fischer & Sohn has once again embraced the “Inside/Out” theme and launched a collection featuring floral designs characterised by blossoms and tendrils. The sales figures of the “Rosenring” undoubtedly speak for themselves and Fischer has once again confirmed its pioneering role in innovative design. Since its introduction in 2011, the design has often been found in competitors’ collections, but only WE deliver the original! According to the motto “Fischer fascinates. Not only women”, this collection is also intended to appeal to future husbands.


The highlight

Ladies often prefer playful and enchanting designs, while men prefer it to be classic and simple. To ensure that the rings do justice to both, they need a certain twist. Fischer has convincingly implemented this in the new collection.

The lady can enjoy the floral pattern visibly on the outside every day, while the gentleman wears a supposedly plain wedding ring on the outside. But even if the two wedding rings have very little in common at first glance, the bride and groom know that these high-quality rings are almost the same and belong together, just like themselves.