Richly textured surfaces, unique waves, models inspired by nature, plenty of room for interpretation. All this is reflected in our models of the Design collection. Let us inspire you!


Unique surface structures

Again and again we “invent” surfaces with an unusual character. The interplay of bold experimentation and state-of-the-art processing technology opens up new paths to amazing creations. Strongly structured surfaces or unique waves. Models inspired by the whims of nature. Plenty of room for interpretation. All this is reflected in our models in this collection. Elegantly designed surfaces are a traditional feature of many Fischer wedding rings. Our models impressively demonstrate the craftsmanship that experienced goldsmiths practise every day.

For years, Fischer has been a pioneer in the wedding ring industry when it comes to design. It is not without reason that our bestsellers also appear with a time delay as more or less good replicas in the collections of our competitors. Yet only with wedding rings from Fischer can you acquire the original!


The "traces of life" of your ring

Some wedding ring models look a little “raw” and thereby also express their uniqueness. Almost all surfaces are lovingly handcrafted by our goldsmiths. This gives them their unique appearance. Especially with the strongly structured surfaces such as bark, rough bark, cork oak, scratch matt or exclusive matt, wear marks hardly stand a chance.

In the best case, your Fischer ring will accompany you for a lifetime. This close relationship can also be seen in the piece of jewellery. A ring that always looks “like new” has not spent most of its time on your finger, but in a hidden casket. Allow your ring to collect ” traces of life” and do not obliterate them immediately. Real damage is a different matter. In this case, it is best to contact your jeweller. He or she can help you in an uncomplicated manner and, in an “emergency”, send your ring to us for repair or reworking. Depending on which surface you choose, more or less wear marks will be visible on your ring. To get an overview of our different finishes, please click here.