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Jewellery ring from the special edition “Wagara”

The Japanese motif was originally inspired by the hemp plant. It expresses the desire to see one’s children grow up healthy. The Sodatsu ring design is colourful and stylish at the same time.

The leaves of the hemp leaf appear rather delicate and fragile in their pale rosé. The filigree leaf borders in yellow gold, on the other hand, are what give the design its expressiveness. The delicate millgrain ornamentation on the edges and the sparkling brilliant-cut diamond (0.02 ct. G/si) provide a noble frame for the meaningful motif.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- white gold with ceramic intarsia in ocean blue

Ring width 6,5 mm

1 sparkling diamonds 0,02 ct.

Diamond quality G/si



Weitere Varianten

585/- and 750/- apricot, red, yellow and white gold

600/- and 950/- platinum

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