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The traditional geometric pattern Raimon is one of the oldest Japanese symbols, yet originates from China. The ornament is said to symbolise the wonders of nature and the eternally renewing energy of the universe. It is also considered a good luck charm. So if you wear the Raimon jewellery ring on your finger, luck is sure to follow!

Raimon is kept in yellow gold and light white and is framed by a delicate millgrain ornamentation. The spectacular highlight is the single, sparkling brilliant-cut diamond (0.02 ct. G/si) set in a carrée setting.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- white gold with ceramic intarsia in light white

Ring width 5 mm

1 sparkling diamonds 0,02 ct.

Diamond quality G/si



Weitere Varianten

585/- and 750/- apricot, red, yellow and white gold

600/- and 950/- platinum

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