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A pair of wedding rings from the “Classics” collection

“Leichtigkeit” – the German word for the feeling of ease and effortlessness is a feeling that should accompany couples through their relationship. You surely remember the first weeks of your partnership – how life seemed so effortless and light-hearted. Moments in which there are only the two of you and nothing else matters encounter you again and again.

Fischer has created the “Leichtigkeit” wedding ring model to capture this feeling forever and make it part of your relationship. The diamonds of the ladies’ ring trasure all your shared and special moments forever. Surrounded by the transverse matte surface, they sparkle to their best advantage. The balance of different surface structures makes this pair of wedding rings a unique sign of your love.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

585/- apricot gold
Ring width 4 mm
3 sparkling diamonds, tcw. 0,018 ct.
Diamond quality G/si

Weitere Varianten

585/- and 750/- yellow, red and white gold, 600/- and 950/- platinum, 950/- palladium

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