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Jewellery ring from the special edition “Wagara”

The name Chowa has a simple meaning: harmony. In Japan, harmony is taken very seriously: One speaks of the Japanese harmony society, in which politeness, respectfulness, honesty, trust, modesty and restraint are considered high virtues.

The combination of aloe green and shiny white gold in the ring represents – in the spirit of the Chowa – a harmonious union. A brilliant-cut diamond (0.02 ct. G/si) rounds off the ring.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- white gold with ceramic intarsia in aloe green

Ring width 6 mm

1 sparkling diamonds 0,02 ct.

Diamond quality G/si



Weitere Varianten

585/- and 750/- apricot, red, yellow and white gold

600/- and 950/- platinum

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