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Zoologischer Garten


Jewellery ring from the “Elise” collection – Special edition “Pittoresque”

In addition, as if the association with the work of art “Zoologischer Garten” by the artist August Macke were not extraordinary enough, this model is crowned by a sparkling navette-cut diamond.

The warm tones of the apricot gold shine brightly while the ceramic-based colour highlight in emerald green has a calming effect and symbolizes life and hope.

Together with the colours lotus pink, fire red and soft orange, all rather powerful nuances, the result is a ring full of character with a strong personality – just a zoological garden -the ring’s namesake.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- apricot gold with ceramic intarsia in emerald green, jade green, fire red, lotus pink and soft orange
Ring width 7 mm
1 sparkling navette-cut diamond 0,14 ct.
Diamond quality G/vvSi

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