Frau mit Pelz und rotem Hut Schmuckring

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Frau mit Pelz und rotem Hut Schmuckring


Jewellery ring with matching pendant from the “Elise” collection – Special edition “Pittoresque”

The design of this pendant is inspired by the expressionistic painting “Woman wearing a fur coat and a red hat” by the Swedish artist Sigrid Hjertén from 1915.

In the style of the 1920s, the woman wears a short hairstyle that was revolutionary at that time, with her head slightly tilted. Pure coquetry! During this time, one could perceive many social changes regarding the role of women: Young women defied conventions, wore short skirts, met men, drank, smoked and went to dance halls, the list goes on.

As a homage to this special time, Fischer was inspired to create the Pittoresque ring model ” Woman wearing a fur coat and a red hat”. The colour palette of delicate light white, feminine lotus pink, radiant fire red and a gentle touch of soft orange come together to create this graceful jewellery ring in apricot gold.

The diamonds create a highlight, reflecting the rays of light in a magnificent and sparkling way. The “Woman with fur and red hat” ring is made of 18-carat apricot gold.

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- apricot gold with ceramic intarsia in light white, fire red, soft orange and lotus pink

Ring width 7 mm

10 sparkling diamonds, tcw. 0,079

Diamond quality G/si

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