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Jewellery ring from the “Elise” collection – Special edition “Pittoresque”

The ring model “The Kiss” has been inspired by the famous painter Gustav Klimt and his unique painting. It is kept in warm golden tones with some colour accents in soft orange and midnight black completed by splashes of colour in numerous shades of blue, such as indigo blue, lavender blue and sky blue. Delicate light white lends the model a special lightness.

There are two very special highlights to this model: The pavé-set diamonds, which beautifully reflect the light and the fine milgrain detailing. These tiny, spherical elevations create a delicate pearl look on the outer sides of the ring.

For those who like it a little more colourful, this model is also available with colour accents of feminine lotus pink, radiant fire red and a soft soft orange (25-07685-090).

Abgebildetes Modell/Set

750/- apricot gold with ceramic intarsia in light white, indigo blue, lavender blue, sky blue, soft orange, night black

Ring width 9 mm

10 sparkling diamonds, tcw. 0,087 ct.

Diamond quality G/si

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