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Founded in 1919 as “Fischer & Sohn”, the family company today is managed by the fourth and fifth generation and has contributed to the tradition of the Goldstadt Pforzheim. Regarding tradition: it can only last if it is driven by a dynamic spirit of innovation and accompanied by a consistent quality philosophy.


The exceptional quality of Fischer wedding rings and constant innovative thinking are important success factors for Fischer & Sohn. This success is created by the Fischer employees who every day manufacture enchanting wedding rings of the highest quality making them a symbol of love for a courting couple and the beginning of their wonderful journey through life together.

Fischer Trauringe Firmensitz


Fischer Trauringe offers rings for all special moments in life: Ranging from classic wedding rings, solitaires and memoires to rings with unusual materials such as carbon or ceramics, everything can be found in our broad assortment.

With the in-house alloy apricot gold, Fischer has totally hit the mark. Apricot gold has been a top seller for years. The remarkable aspect is that the warm colour shade matches every skin tone wonderfully! Whether you have a fair, medium or rather dark skin type, apricot gold is considered a real skin-flatterer and makes the skin glow.

In Fischer wedding rings, apricot gold is often combined with carbon. This combination creates a special effect through the strong contrast between the natural warmth of apricot gold and elegant black.

Carbon is an unusual material that is ideally suited for the production of wedding rings – both because of its properties and its design.

Design by Fischer

In respect of design the company has been a pioneer for a number of years. The well-known “Rose Ring” with the original “outside/in” principle serves as initial point for a whole collection of wedding rings and jewellery rings with floral themes.

In addition to wedding rings, Fischer also offers engagement and proposal rings, so-called solitaires. The traditional engagement ring features six prongs in a chaton setting which holds the one special diamond. It’s your choice! What ever diamond size you would like to give to your partner, we offer a huge range from 0.1 ct. to 1.0 ct.

Fischer creates the engagement ring – only the proposal needs to be made!

Our awards

Fischer has repeatedly been awarded for its products by independent institutions. We attach great importance to outstanding quality and convincing designs. Not only do our bridal couples see this, we are also pleased that expert juries from various competitions judge us in the same way.

Wedding ring configurator

For the perfect pair of rings, Fischer & Sohn has developed a wonderful solution for bridal couples: at www.konfischerator.de or at your local Konfischerator partner jeweller, the rings can be put together individually based on your own ideas.

Our partner jewellers

Using the Fischer jeweller locator, you can find the closest Fischer jeweller who can offer competent advice on all aspects of Fischer wedding rings to the bridal couple.

100% made in germany

Fischer & Sohn KG is a founding member of the wedding ring initiative “100% Made in Germany”, an alliance of nine German wedding ring manufacturers with the aim of promoting a high-quality and sustainable production of wedding rings in Germany. Fischer manufactures its wedding rings exclusively in the „City of Gold“, Pforzheim.