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Made for love, made with love.

Fischer Trauringe has been in family hands since its foundation in 1919, and this tradition fills us with pride and dedication. From the very beginning, our focus has been on the most emotional of all pieces of jewellery: wedding rings.

Over the decades, we have made hundreds of thousands of couples happy with our rings. For us, every single creation is more than just a piece of jewellery – it is a symbol of love, connection and the most beautiful moments in life.

Our passion for perfection and deep commitment to our craft are reflected in each of our wedding rings, making them part of a long and proud tradition.

The Fischer promise of quality

Our wedding rings epitomise the highest quality and are crafted with attention to detail so that they last a lifetime. With sustainable materials and environmentally conscious production, we ensure that your love shines in harmony with nature. Fischer wedding rings – a symbol of the eternal bond and the beauty of shared values.

High-quality materials and production

Sustainable production: 100% recycled precious metals

Family business: Made in Germany

Extensive network of jeweller partners

‘For us, the family tradition at Fischer Trauringe means passing on values and craftsmanship from generation to generation. It fills us with pride to have been celebrating the love and connection of couples with our wedding rings for over a century.’

Times change, but what always remains is love. At Fischer, it is the love of rings that has characterised the family and company history since 1919.

A lot has happened between the company’s founding and today: From the destruction during the war and the subsequent reconstruction of the city of Pforzheim, to the move to the new company building and various generational changes, Fischer has never lost its love and passion for wedding ring manufacturing.

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Tradition and innovation - hand in hand

It is the craftsmanship perfected over decades that enables us to create the intricate and distinctive specialities that make Fischer wedding rings so unique.

At the same time, we rely on modern technologies and innovative tools to offer our customers a unique experience. An outstanding example of this is our ‘Konfischerator’ – an innovative tool that allows couples to customise and personalise their wedding rings.

My brother and I grew up in the world of wedding rings. This craftsmanship is and remains fascinating. We have already experienced several times how inspiring technical innovations can be. Many of our surfaces and design options are only possible with precision equipment. But digitalisation has also opened up completely new possibilities for us: Tools such as the Konfischerator redefined the wedding ring industry and are now indispensable.

Design by Fischer

Designing unique wedding rings that tell individual love stories is not a simple task. Capturing the emotions and characters of couples requires one thing above all: variety.

Our design philosophy combines simple, timeless design with extraordinary details that make each ring unique. Whether through the use of innovative materials such as carbon and exclusive alloys such as caramel gold and apricot gold, or filigree floral patterns and special surface finishes – at Fischer, every ring embodies its very own character. These masterpieces are created through the high level of goldsmithing and the precise craftsmanship of our experienced specialists. With passion and perfection in every detail, we create rings that not only tell stories, but also reflect the emotions and uniqueness of their wearers.


All our models are available at specialist jewellers. Experience the rings up close at our jeweller partners and get advice from experts to find your individual dream rings. Use the Fischer store locator to find a jeweller near you.

Our awards

Our products are repeatedly recognised by independent institutions. We attach great importance to outstanding quality and convincing designs. We are delighted when not only our bridal couples recognise this, but also the expert juries of various competitions.

The Leibniz Ring Hanover is the most important award for goldsmiths in Germany, awarded by a high-calibre and independent jury of experts. To date, Fischer is the only one to have won this award three times in a row.

The winning rings are a testament to masterful goldsmithing and fine craftsmanship. With attention to detail, they demonstrate what is possible through design flair and dexterity.

Sustainable wedding rings

Out of love for the environment
Precious metals | electricity generation | regionality
100% recycled precious metals
By using 100% recycled precious metals, emissions are reduced by 99% compared to newly mined precious metals. In addition, the added value is created in the region under guaranteed fair working conditions.
Green electricity
The production of wedding rings is energy-intensive, which is why Fischer is particularly proud to obtain all the electricity it needs from renewable sources. Our own photovoltaic system covers an annual average of 90% of our electricity requirements. We obtain the remaining electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.
100% Made in Germany
Thanks to complete production at the traditional site in Pforzheim, there are no long transport routes. This commitment to the region not only benefits the quality of our products, but also makes a valuable contribution to protecting our planet.
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Experience the uniqueness and quality of Fischer wedding rings for yourself. Visit one of our jeweller partners and let our experts advise you. Find your perfect wedding ring and start your future together with a symbol of love that will last a lifetime.