Ring surfaces – Adding unique finishing touches

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Ring surfaces – Adding unique finishing touches

You probably know the idiom “It’s all about the inner values”. What is important in dealing with our fellow human beings is somewhat different when it comes to rings. Even though the inner values of the ring, that is the quality of the material, are very important, the selection of the surface is also essential.

Fischer Trauringe offers you a large selection of surfaces, ensuring that everyone can find something to suit their taste. Special accents can be set by combining different surfaces.

The rings only unfold their special radiance when they are seen as a whole and the surface, material and stone setting come together. Therefore, we would like to show you the surfaces on selected ring designs.

The “Bark” surface is created by roughly milling the ring manually and then sandblasting it. The result is a ring with an expressive character that is quite robust against impacts from wear.

The “Ice matt” surface is a resistant surface, wear marks are almost not visible at all. The icy look of the surface can be combined particularly beautifully with polished elements.

The “Exclusive matt” surface is an exceptional surface handcrafted by goldsmiths with beautifully highlights variations in colour and surface. Due to its excellent wear properties, this surface is also recommended as full surface matting.

Along with polished, the “Fine matt” finish is one of the most popular surfaces. However, you should note that a matt ring does not remain like this for its entire life. Due to the signs of wear that occur over time, the matt surface gradually becomes polished in appearance.

For the “Highly polished” surface, the ring is treated with fine polishing. This shine lasts a long time, but will gradually change to a slightly more matt surface.

The “Cork oak” surface is a rather shiny surface that is very durable, as wear marks hardly alter the appearance. No matter to which ring this surface is added, you always can be sure that it enhances its appearance!

The “Oblique matt” surface is characterised by a tight surface matting. Polishing brushes are used to create this special finish. The treatment results in a slightly lustrous surface with a beautiful appearance. As with the “Fine matt” surface, the surface becomes more like a polished surface over time.

The “Rubbed matt” surface is attained by working with a scotch mat. Circular movements create the soft matt appearance that becomes shinier over time.

The matt surface “Rough bark”, which is applied by hand with a carbide cutter, is particularly resistant. The appearance can change over time from rather matt to rather shiny. 

The “Sand matt” surface is characterised by a uniformly matt surface structure. With multi-coloured rings in particular, this surface structure allows the individual colours to be shown off to their best advantage.

“Hammered matt” is a more resistant alternative to “Sand matt”. With special striking tools in different strengths, the structure can be either weaker or stronger.