It’s all a matter of style

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It’s all a matter of style

There are nearly endless ways to celebrate your wedding: Romantically with your family, a big party with all your friends and relatives or on the beach by yourself. The most important factor is that it’s a celebration that is suited to you and your partner.

On this page, we present some wedding styles and the matching Fischer wedding rings for you to draw inspiration from.


Bohemian style has grown in popularity in recent years and the trend continues – for good reason! Airy dresses in flowing fabrics with lace or fringes, hair crowns, lampions, fairy lights…. As long as it’s casual and close to nature!

The following ring pairs go perfectly with a boho-style wedding.

Country style

This style is a perfect fit for romantics and those who love the countryside. Whether it’s a sunny finca, an ocean-view island house or a stylish farmhouse in the countryside. There are many ways to find a country style location. You will find the matching wedding rings for this style at Fischer:


All lovers of nature will adore this wedding style. The combination of green plants, such as eucalyptus or ivy, combined with white highlights lend this style a close proximity to nature.

Fischer has two different collections which are both very close to nature: The „Design“ collection includes rings with surface structures inspired by nature, whereas the „Flora“ collection plays with flowers and tendrils.


Rockabilly style weddings are inspired by the 50s and embody a rocking and funky style. For many, rockabilly is not just a trend but rather a whole way of life. The wedding rings from our FischerCarbon collection are a perfect match for this wedding style.


This style is for those who love the classics and who daydream about earlier times. Vintage-style weddings with a touch of Biedermeier take the wedding guests on a journey into the past.